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Side B Underground is a latin american label founded by Dyan K. Its main objective is to offer high quality productions to the audience and reflect the finest side of our innovative underground music; as that is what electronic music lovers want and have always asked for. In what is left of this journey and thereafter you can expect melodic, dark & groovy beats made by many talented artists from all around the world, as many have collaborated to make this project possible.

Amazonian Ethnic Recordings is a sub label of his brother Side B Underground founded by L.D. Houctro (Brazil) & Dyan K (Costa Rica / Cuba). Our goal is to take our listeners thru different eras/cultures and discover the sounds of our beloved mother earth focusing on charming beats with unique ethnic & percussive elements. In what is left of our journey and hereafter you can expect amazing grooves made by many tribal artists, as many have collaborated to make this project possible.

Early support from:

Richie Hawtin, Cristian Varela, DJ DEP, Anderson Noise, D-Formation, Hermanez, Babak Shayan, Nima Gorji, Dirty Culture, Alex Young, CiuPy & Mihai Bejenaru, Fabio Genito, Marques Wyatt, Bruno Furlan, Ray Rush, Joseph Vier, Acid Kit, Lunde Bros, Gerry Verano, Zareh Kan, Paxton Fettel, Forza, Dishop, Jose Solano, Christian del Rosario, Skoof, Testa Rossa, Brett Jacobs, Gokhan Guneyli, Rhamm Thrash, Adrian Costa, Riko Forinson, Francois Manzo, L.D. Houctro, Sean Buckley, David Albarran, Sergio Cabrera, Casari, Sergio Soroa, Alana Ley, Jordan (ES), MissisBliss, Ale Monaceli, Ben Seyer, Alex Morgan, Andrei K, Vida, Paco Ortola, Ivan Gafer, Koach, Olga Belikova, Aileen Xu, Cristiano de Luca aka ArchivOne, Frank Ross, ChaozdJ, DJ Diego Palacio, Richard C, Downtown, JC Delacruz, Beyond Horizons, DJ Ademar, Gibbon, Wender A, Keil M, MAR-K and more.

Contact & Demo policies:

a) Send your music using our dedicated demo submission website on the menu.
b) Send a direct playable link using soundcloud, mixcloud,, etc. to
c) Don't send soundcloud message/dropbox & make sure to send underground music only.

Official website created by Dyan K
Side B Underground & Amazonian Ethnic Recordings